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Reminder: Don’t Forget To Disconnect The Hose

This has been an interesting winter, with stretches of incredibly cold temperatures followed by much warmer weeks. The warm weekends may have provided a great opportunity for you to hook up the hose and spray off the patio or to wash the road salt off of your car. However, it is important to remember that once the temperatures drop back down your exterior hose bibs (as pictured above) will be at risk for freezing once again. In order to ensure that they are fully functional once spring rolls around the following steps can be taken to protect them:

Steps to Prevent Frozen Hose Bibs:

  1. Remember! Remembering to disconnect the hose is the first and most difficult step. We have posted this article in an effort to remind you.
  2. Disconnect the garden hose. Once you have remembered, the next step is to simply disconnect your garden hose from the hose bib. Most freeze-less hose bibs are designed to prevent water from settling in the exterior spout, however with a hose attached they may not function properly. This can result in freezing and possible damage to the hose bib.
  3. (Optional) Turn off water supply to the hose bib. For most hose bibs, simply disconnecting the hose will protect them during freezing temperatures. However, if you would like to take additional steps you can always shut off and drain the line from the interior if a valve has been provided on your hose bib water supply piping.

By following the steps above you will mitigate the risk of your exterior hose bibs freezing, and possibly becoming damaged. However, if you believe that your hose bib has been damaged or is leaking please feel free to contact us today for an inspection and repair.

If you have any questions regarding the exterior hose bibs at your home or would like clarification regarding anything in this article please feel free to leave a comment below.