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Tired of Waiting for Hot Water? A Re-Circulation Line Will Help!

If you have to wait, and wait, and wait for hot water to make it’s way to your shower you may benefit from the installation of a re-circulation line. In this post we will explain the reasons you typically have to wait for hot water, the solution, and the installation advice to solve your hot water issues.

Why the Wait?

In a typical plumbing installation hot water is drawn from the water heater whenever a faucet is opened. Without a re-circulation line the water in these lines will cool if there is no hot water demand for extended periods of time. This is especially noticeable in houses with a “long” floor plan or multiple stories where the bathrooms and faucets are located far away from the hot water heater.

Therefore, when you turn on the shower in the morning or the kitchen sink after work the hot water will not arrive to your faucet until all of the “cooled” water has been flushed out of the pipes. A re-circulation line solves this problem by continuously replacing the “cooled” water in the supply lines with hot water from your water heater.

The Solution: A Hot Water Re-Circulation Line

The installation of a hot water re-circulation line involves running another plumbing pipe to the furthest plumbing faucet in your home. This line will tie into the hot water line near this faucet and route back to your water heater. The re-circulation line will continuously move water through your hot water lines, ensuring that there is always hot water at your faucets shortly after they are turned on. Depending on the layout of your home the re-circulation line can function off of gravity, or in some situations it may need to be supplied with a pump to slowly move the water through the lines.

Re-circulation Line Installation

If you are building a new home, now is the time to have a re-circulation line installed. At this time all of your walls and ceilings are open making the installation much easier than dealing with finished spaces.

In an existing home a re-circulation line is still possible but may require the removal of drywall or other finishes to have the line installed. However, depending on the type of piping material used removal of existing finishes can be kept to a minimum.

If you have any questions regarding hot water re-circulation lines or are interested in a re-circulation line quote please feel free to contact us